There's Fungus Among Us

At least if you're a student or staff member in two of our struggling districts, Trenton and Willingboro. Jefferson Elementary School, a decrepit building closed by Trenton Public Schools, was hurriedly opened after Trenton Community Charter School lost its charter on August 16th. Some parents of the 450 ex-TCCS kids now attending Jefferson complained that their kids were getting asthma attacks and that rampant mold had been painted over to allow the building to open its doors.

In response, Mayor Tony Mack, currently the subject of a recall effort by outraged citizens, toured the school. His Chief of Staff explained, "When you have parents that do not understand what is going on, it is best to open up a line of communication.”

Meanwhile, over at Willingboro in Burlington County, School officials have shut down Willingboro High School until at least Sept. 19th because of extensive mold problems. Willingboro is a familiar place name on this blog: the Burlington County school district, nine miles from wealthy and high-achieving Moorestown, is a good example of the way NJ’s school system segregates children by race and economic stratum. Now Willingboro high school students have something else to envy: a clean, mold-free, and open school building.