Quote of the Day

In The Lobby notes Gov. Christie’s lack of “anti-union rhetoric” at his education speech in Iowa and speculates that the “very public divorce” between Senator Steve Sweeney and the Governor is “much ado about nothing.” Legislative bills that address merit pay and tenure reform and the Opportunity Scholarship Act are not on “life support,” as claimed, but only waiting til after the November elections. At that point, “faster than you can say Marcus Welby,” Sen. Sweeney will call for votes on bills antithetical to NJEA's agenda:
Make no mistake: when the union opposes tenure reform, or opportunity scholarships, they are opposing that 8-year-old child, and choosing their power, over a child’s future.

But that’s not the only mistake the union has made.

For whatever uncertainty there was about education reform ended the day the NJEA went on its kamikaze mission, first trying to take out Lesniak, and failing.

And then they doubled down on that failure and targeted Norcross.

Who never forgets.

You would think that the NJEA would have realized this tactic didn’t work when it didn’t work against Christie.
And lost.

But the NJEA isn’t used to losing.

And they will not be ignored.

But wait until the lame duck.

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