Hope for Ed Reform Bills?

Senator President Steve Sweeney is still telling Gov. Christie to talk to the hand as he attempts to assuage Democrats who are furious over his complicity in the passage of the health/pension contributions reform bill. Much has been made over Sweeney’s declaration that he won’t post two education reform bills much favored by the Governor and Ed Commish Cerf: one that institutes merit pay for teachers, and another that overturns the use of seniority when determining lay-offs.

However, In The Lobby notes that “Sweeney left the big items – tenure reform and school vouchers – on the table.” (Assembly Speaker Oliver seems committed to derailing the voucher bill, so the Senator’s support may be superfluous.) And today’s Press of Atlantic City says that Sweeney remarked that “tenure reform is needed” and that he’s waiting on Senator Teresa Ruiz’s bill, long in the works.

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