New Poll Out on Charters

Save Our Schools-NJ and Education Law Center (which issued the press release) are reporting on a new poll from Rutgers Eagleton that shows that “NJ residents overwhelming support local approval for new charter schools.”

According to the poll information (go to SOS-NJ and click on link at top) 386 NJ residents were asked, “Should the state be allowed to open new charter schools without local approval, or should voters be required to approve any new charter school in their community?” 72% of respondents said that new charters should require voter approval.

SOS-NJ is a lobbying organization that is concerned that NJ's "excellent public schools are under a political attack" and opposes the 2% cap on school budgets, the expansion of charter schools, and voucher programs. Education Law Centers fights for educational equity for students in poor urban districts. Politics makes strange bedfellows.

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