New Poll Shows the Majority of Black Voters Support School Choice

Here’s an interesting tidbit from the new Rutgers-Eagleton poll on how New Jerseyans feel about the expansion of charter schools and school choice. According to New Jersey Newsroom, 44% of voters approve of charter school growth, while 42% oppose adding more. But when the data is broken down, black voters are far more enthusiastic than white voters. Here’s Prof. David Redlawsk, the poll director:
These data show an interesting split in traditional Democratic constituencies on this issue. As Governor Christie pushes for more charter schools as a lynchpin in his education plan, public employee union members resist, but African-Americans appear to be on his side.
The rift is also apparent in reactions to vouchers. 54% of black voters are in favor of them, while only 36% of whites back them.

No surprises, really. More black families live in neighborhoods with lousy schools and more white families live in neighborhoods with good ones. All politics is local.

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