Trenton Trap

Trenton Community Charter School is in big trouble, according to the Trenton Times. The 13-year-old K-8 school with 173 students has failed to make Adequate Yearly Progress for years and Acting Comm. Chris Cerf has given the school 15 days to come up with an improvement plan and 90 days to implement it. If it’s unable to make any progress the State will not renew its charter.

No wonder. Test scores are dismal. According to DOE data, 60.9% of third graders failed the language arts ASK test and 50% failed the math portion. Numbers are just as bad for 8th graders.

Luckily Trenton Public Schools has lots of traditional public elementary schools. For instance, the kids at Trenton Community Charter can go to the K-8 Luis Monoz-Rivera Elementary School where 75.5% of students failed the ASK3 in language arts and 67.3% failed the math portion. Or they might go to P.J. Hill Elementary, where 81% of students failed the language arts ASK3 and 60.3% failed the math portion. Or they could go to Gregory Elementary School, where 88% of students failed the ASK3 and 82.7% failed the math portion.

A plethora of options for the children of Trenton, all worse than Trenton Community Charter.