Dialogue of the Day

Governors Brendon Byrne and Tom Kean discuss the pending State Supreme Court decision on the Abbott funding case:
Star-Ledger: Has the state Supreme Court gone too far in its education opinions?

GOV. BYRNE: In these times, determining what the state should spend is not what the court is apt to do, and it would be a mistake for it to try, because it tried before and failed.

GOV. KEAN: The original decision was a mistake because it simply equated education improvement with money and that doesn’t work. That meant New Jersey invested more money in poor schools over a period of time than any state in the country, and during those times, schools got worse because simply putting more money into a failing system produced more expensive failure. Recent court decisions, which have included some education reform elements like early childhood education, have been more helpful. But overall, the court decisions have resulted in an awful lot of waste.