Asbury Park Follow-Up

The State Monitor who oversees Asbury Park Public Schools has decided to close Barak Obama Elementary School. According to the Asbury Park Press, students there will attend one of the other two K-5 schools in the district.

Currently 383 kids attend Barak Obama. As we reported last week, standardized test scores there are so poor that the state redacts the third grade numbers on the School Report Card as well as 4th grade language arts scores. 77.4% of fourth-graders failed the ASK test in math. In 5th grade 85.4% of students failed the language arts tests and 65.9% failed the math portion.

Not so fun fact: Total comparative cost per pupil in Asbury Park last year was $24,306. Cost for a year at Barak Obama for those children: $9.3 million.