Monday, February 14, 2011

Quote of the Day

Currently, the majority of students served by the Trenton Public Schools do not have access to a “thorough and efficient” education. Despite the efforts of their teachers and principals, the school district fails to provide them with the opportunities essential to their learning, educational growth, and academic achievement. The failure is a systemic one, not one limited to a subset of the schools, and one that has intensified greatly over the course of the past five years.
From Trenton Mayor Tony Mack’s Transition Team Report on Education, dated September 23, 2010 and posted today by a non-partisan grassroots organization called The Committee to Fix Trenton’s Budget.

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kallikak said...

With all due respect to Mayor Mack's transition team, students in Trenton are entitled under the state Constitution to a "thorough and efficient SYSTEM of free public schools"---not a "thorough and efficient EDUCATION."

The former (correct) interpretation places rather more of a burden on the students and their families, wouldn't you say?