Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Quote of the Day

America's schools are failing our kids. While some people blame the kids, or simply want to throw more money at the problem, we know that real change requires a better system -- one that puts students' needs before those of special interests or wasteful bureaucracies.
From the website of Michelle Rhee's new advocacy group called "Students First." Also see today's story from the New York Times.


kallikak said...

Did you actually read the Times' story?

Ms. Rhee's tsunami of expensive self-promotion is just the latest example of "branding" applied to individuals. I wonder what she will pay herself* to lead this crusade?

The Students First mission statement is interesting in that it marginalizes/ignores school board members, i.e., the only elected officials actually responsible for our public schools.

Way to go, Michelle!

*the real reason she wouldn't touch any Ed job in NJ.

vulgate said...

Initial Observation on Rhee's comment: I am sick of supposed experts in education saying that all of America's schools are failing. What utter nonsense! All one has to do is realize there are so many types of public and private and religious schools which are excellent. For these pompous bully pulpit devotees to continue this bashing is unethical.There are many problem schools and they are mostly in poor dysfunctional urban areas. Rhee needs to back-off her generalized attacks and speak to the crisis in minority urban education! Focus on the crisis!