Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Quote of the Day

As Gov. Chris Christie and key Democratic and Republican leaders propose bold plans to reform education in New Jersey, they often are met by well-intentioned, primarily suburban, citizens who believe our public schools are outstanding. There are no such illusions in the cities.

These New Jerseyans implicitly assert that a "good" school in their town should somehow cancel out our desire to reform the system, or to transform schools that we know chronically fail our students. Their evangelizing is real, and, unfortunately, it is misguided. Hiding in plain sight is the truth: New Jersey's public schools, urban and suburban, are not as good as we think.
Read the rest of Derrell Bradford's commentary in the Asbury Park Press.

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kallikak said...

If suburban parents are the real "evangelists", what does that make Mr. Bradford?

I'm tired of NJ's two-note (vouchers, charter schools) "reform" agenda. It doesn't address the issues facing suburban districts. Maybe that's why some of us engage in "misguided" though "well-intentioned" actions such as this.