Friday, September 24, 2010

Number of Kids on Waiting Lists for Newark Charter Schools

From NJ DOE 2008-2009 Data:
Team Academy Charter School: 1,800
North Star Academy Charter School: 1,775
Lady Liberty Charter School: 273
Robert Treat Academy: 1,047
Marion P. Thomas Charter School: 181
Gray Charter School: 933
New Horizons Charter School: 212
Leap Academy University Charter School: 243
University Heights Charter School: 161

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schoolfinance101 said...

And at least some of these with waiting lists perform quite poorly. But, because some continue to argue that all charter schools are better, simply because they are charters, parents continue to line up. Pundits have created a market for lemons when it comes to NJ charters. An no-one is stepping in to publicly disclose - with reasonable comparisons- the actual performance.

See graphs at bottom: