Quotes of the Day

The governor is falling back on an old habit, many, including me, had hoped he had broken: Speak first, think later. By lunchtime Friday, Schundler was under the bus. And still Democrats are calling for hearings and accountability. Exactly what do they want? The head of some schnook on a pike? There’s no grand conspiracy here. Smart people know when to accept victory graciously.

The notion that the omission of one budget number was the ultimate deal-breaker for Race to the Top funds is pure spin. And the idea that the original application would have been error-free and better received is fiction.
Alfred Doblin in The Record
It would seem the commissioner was never in the inner circle, and not knowing who the commissioner was speaking for made a big difference. Even if you disagree with him, it helps to know he has the ear of the governor, and clearly he didn’t.
Robert Copeland, Superintendent of Piscataway Public Schools, in New Jersey Spotlight.