Sunday, July 25, 2010

Quote of the Day

What everyone knows – and few will admit – is that the only way to reduce property taxes in New Jersey is to cut the amount of government. What no one has effectively done, however, is make the case to New Jerseyans about how less government – whether it’s by consolidating towns or school districts, or eliminating counties, would reduce their tax bill.

Yes, New Jersey loves home rules. But its residents are tired of paying ever-higher taxes. As lawmakers debate, the tool kit, don’t be surprised if someone adds eliminating government into the mix.
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NJSoldier said...

I’ve been hearing that nonsense for years. I live in Allamuchy. We have a volunteer fire department. An excellent elementary school and pay the State Police instead of sponsoring a local police department. We cooperate with other nearby towns for emergency services and send our High School kids to Hackettstown.

Jon Corzine thought we ought to merge fire departments and hire professional (unionized) firefighters. He never explained how this would save money –or how having professionals 20 miles away would make me safer than volunteers around the corner.

We tried to form a regional police force that would patrol several towns, the state shot us down.

What we want is less STATE (and federal) government. I can see where my property taxes go. My income and sales taxes go to Trenton and disappear down a rat-hole of corruption and waste. Then they have the nerve to come here and tell the towns how they are doing things wrong!

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