Corruption Are Us

As Gov. Christie and the State Legislature try to pull back the reins (2% tax increase cap, superintendent salary caps, pending toolkit) on school spending, two examples of runaway horses are in today’s papers: fraudulent billing in Trenton and Perth Amboy.

In Trenton, according to the Trenton Times, 80 teachers instructing homebound students billed Trenton Public Schools almost $2 million over two years, in many cases double billing or giving lessons to ineligible students. In Perth Amboy, reports the Star-Ledger, two insurance brokers bilked the school district out of $2,593,400 “by charging the school for non-existent and unauthorized healthcare related programs and services, including a wellness programs and employee assistance program, state Attorney General Paula Dow said.”

Nota bene: Trenton and Perth Amboy are both Abbott districts, under enhanced State scrutiny for years. How’s that working for us?

Most NJ school districts’ finances (including other Abbotts) are overseen by competent business administrators and checked annually by competent outside auditors. No disrespect intended toward any pending tools, but until we get a handle on school district finance fraud we’re closing the barn door after the horse has bolted.