Memo of the Day

TO:All NJEA Members

FROM:Barbara Keshishian, NJEA President
Vincent Giordano, NJEA Executive Director

RE:Tomorrow's Legislative Assault from Gov. Christie

Our war with the Christie Administration is now full-blown.

Every NJEA member should now be fully outraged at this governor and his agenda, because it is now an official attack on the very future of public education, and on the careers and livelihoods of each and every one of us.

Despite almost daily attacks on NJEA, its members, our students, and public education in general over the past four months, we are now faced with an all-out assault which we must mobilize to defeat.

As the Newark Star-Ledger reported today, Christie will propose 33 bills that seek to crush public employees on every level.

While the focal point of this attack may be its proposed 2.5% cap on annual increases in salaries and benefits, it also includes a 2.5% cap on annual increases in municipal, school, and county property tax levies, which would have a disastrous impact on the ability of districts to maintain services and programs.

Christie is also going after the civil service system, by allowing towns to opt out of civil service protections such as the use of seniority when determining layoffs. This is on top of last Friday’s legislative proposal announcement by Commissioner Schundler, which seeks to change our tenure system and to basically abolish the seniority system as we know it.

Please know that NJEA is on top of this attack:
Stay tuned, and stay in touch with your local president for the latest updates.