Whither Goes NJ?

Politics K-12 is reporting that New Jersey is absent from today’s all-day technical assistance program run by the US DOE for states who are applying for the second round of Race To The Top. 42 states are either on-site in Minneapolis or tuning in via conference call. NJ joins Alaska, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, Nebraska, Texas, Vermont, and Wyoming in the list of no-shows. Here's a section of the letter from Ed Sec Arne Duncan inviting governors to attend today's event:
On April 21, we are hosting a workshop for Phase 2 applicants where officials from Tennessee and Delaware will share information about the reforms under way in their States and answer your questions. We hope that this information provides your teams with inspiration and ideas, but we should emphasize that the best Phase 1 proposals built on individual States' unique needs, strengths, and assets. So as you take this time to develop your applications, we recommend that you draw on the lessons that you have learned from your highest-performing districts and schools, research from your universities, and the assistance and capacity offered by your nonprofits, community organizations, and foundations.