Quote of the Day

Here's an excerpt from a memo sent to local affiliates from the Bergen County office of the NJEA (which included the “prayer” in which, according to The Record, “the punch line is a thinly veiled appeal to God for Christie’s death”). NJEA President Barbara Keshishian has issued an apology to the Governor.
Get some dirt….go public. Keep your eyes and ears OPEN…the gloves are off! A disconnect between Trenton and the local leadership as well as Trenton’s lack of punches thrown at our governor. We now have a Rapid Response Team whose responsibility it is to follow Christie’s every move and every word and when he lies, call him on it. We are going after HIM. You will be seeing on TV and the internet and reading in local papers more from our officers and our leadership. They will be in his face and hard hitting...a real change in the old strategy. Add Bret Schundler’s name to the attack list.

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