Friday, April 9, 2010

Quote of the Day

So if it’s a war teachers want, they’ve got it. There is no clearer signal in this struggle than the tone-deafness of the most powerful union in the state. Everyone who cares about the economy, the quality of education and the future of our public institutions has to be baffled…With their [refusal to accept wage freezes], unionized public employees are handing a huge base of public support to Christie, who’s finishing off his practice swings and striding to the plate.
Editorial Staff of the Lehigh Valley News

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An Educational Enthusiast said...

Freezing salaries isn't a shared sacrifice when one is 47k and another 75k. How 'bout asking parents to homeschool students for a year...that will be a shared sacrifice. Then we'll see how if they are still behind Governor Christie's declarations.