So a Reporter says to Christie, "Will You Meet with the NJEA?"

That question sufficiently set him off and he may have set some kind of State House record for the number of times he said "no" in one answer. Christie replied, "During the Primary?!?!? Was that the question?!?!? Yeah. Really? Yeah. While they were spending the millions of dollars against me in AFSCME (American Federation of State and County Municipal Employees) and CWA (Coommunications Workers of America) and NJEA. I thought while they were mischaracterizing my record and smearing me on television and on the radio might be a good opportunity for me to sit down and see if they were looking to work together if I was elected. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. I....No. "

Eight, "no's" in one answer to one question is a lot even by Christie's standards.
Dialogue courtesy of Millennium Radio New Jersey.

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