Newsflash: Christie Willing to Meet with NJEA

The Asbury Park Press reports on that NJEA protest in Mendham, held conveniently in Gov. Christie’s place of residence, where 1,000 members held up signs, some lettered “Buck Off,” and chanted “Oppose the legislation, support education!” When queried, Christie’s press secretary, Michael Drewniak, said “the governor would be willing to sit down with the NJEA if it were willing to find some common ground,” adding, “it is difficult to sit down with an organization that refuses to see beyond its own self-interests. People in New Jersey know that the main drivers of their taxes are out-of-control benefits and pay raises. Until they accept some responsibility, it will be difficult to chat in any meaningful way.”

Sitting down with the NJEA leadership is a great idea. Props all around. We're all for meaningful chat.

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