A Brave Public School Teacher Speaks Up

New Jersey Newsroom has reprinted NJEA President Keshishian’s editorial on how Gov. Christie’s call to local bargaining units to accept pay freezes is merely a way to distract voters from focusing on his non-renewal of the “millionaire’s tax.” The piece is then followed by comments, including this one from a NJ public school teacher.
All teachers do not feel this way. Many teachers, though we disagree with the extent of Christie's cuts, would GLADLY freeze our salaries to save jobs and programs for the kids. Our union is not giving us that option. The powers that be have made the decision to not freeze salaries. There was not even a vote by the members before this decision was reached.Many of my coworkers feel the same way, but scare tactics are everywhere. Teachers are told if they open up their contracts, the school board will "take everything" from them. The union is fearful of losing power. Very distressing was an article where Vince Giordano [Exec. Dir. of NJEA] was quoted as saying that the union contributes a great deal to the politicians campaigns and "expects a certain level of respect", Does that mean that $$$$ correspond to the politicians being puppets. The whole thing is disgusting. Christie is not blameless - nor is the NJEA....problem is the kids will be the ones to lose, and the teachers who will lose their jobs.

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