Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Quote of the Day

"We always get this question, when is too small, too small?"
That’s David Rauenzahn, chief school administrator in Avalon and Stone Harbor, responding to a question from the Star-Ledger about the total comparative cost per pupil in teeny-tiny districts like the ones he serves in Cape May County. Avalon, all of 77 kids, spends $32,384 for each one. Stone Harbor is a relative bargain with 80 kids and a cost per pupil of $23,698. Then, of course, there’s Sea Isle City Elementary with 66 kids and total cost per pupil of $35, 983. When is too small too small? Right now.


Neils said...

What is the state portion of the aid for Sea Isle?

NJ Left Behind said...

Hi, Neils. According to the DOE database, 79% of the school costs are shouldered by local levies. 9% comes from the state, 2% from the feds, and 10% is listed as "other."