Thursday, February 11, 2010

NJEA on Christie's Budget Remarks: "Path to Educational Ruin"

Here's the full text of NJEA's response.


Neils said...

Do most unions let each little segment negotiate their own contracts?

Perhaps NJEA should investigate negotiating contracts for districts in a new way...

It would take some consolidating, but if strength is in numbers perhaps getting more members on the same page would be a start.

If teachers' contracts all expired at the same time would there be a power shift?

NJ Left Behind said...

Good questions. Yes, each local negotiates separately with each school board (that's 591 distinct bargaining processes in NJ) though reps from NJEA's central office steer the locals. School boards typically hire an attorney. Contracts usually are 3-year agreements so about 1/3 of districts are up simultaneously. It would certainly change the dynamic if all were up at the same time, though it's hard to imagine how that would be legislated.