School Choice Comes to Jersey,

as long as you dwell in the shining city on a hill, otherwise known as Princeton. West Windsor-Plainsboro works too. The Trenton Times reports today that The Princeton International Academy Charter School will open in September, one of the fast-tracked applications approved by ex-Commissioner Davy. This dual-language school, which will use the elite International Baccalaureate curriculum, draws its scholars from Princeton, West Windsor-Plainsboro, and South Brunswick, and only admits residents in other towns if open slots remain, an unlikely scenario.

According to New Jersey Monthly’s Top New Jersey High Schools rankings, Princeton currently is the 6th top high school in the state and West Windsor-Plainsboro is 19th among all 316 high schools. Slacker South Brunswick, about 14 miles away from Princeton, is ranked only 74th, so there’s a nod towards spreading the wealth, as it were.

How about the kids at Trenton Central High, 12 miles away from the luminous halls of Nassau Street, who toil unproductively in a high school ranked 310th, the 6th worst in the state? Maybe their parents can relocate to Princeton.

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