Quote of the Day

Charles Sahm, a program officer at the Manhattan Institute, considers the “growing divide within the Democratic party” between “anachronistic Tammany Hall–type pols … with their longtime obeisance to the reform-resistant teachers’ unions” and “a growing cadre of Democrats… who are championing an aggressive education-reform agenda.” Sahm writes in the City Journal,
Joe Williams, director of Democrats for Education Reform, believes that voters must start paying attention to which politicians are on the side of the teachers’ unions and which are on the side of the children. As he puts it: “Right now, the only people holding elected officials accountable on education are the teachers’ unions—and the teachers’ unions are driving public education into the ground.” It’s time for New Yorkers [ed. note: New Jerseyans too!] to get angry and start holding officials accountable for obstructing real education reform.