HS Principal=Community Activist

However you react to South Ward Council candidate/Principal of Newark Central High Ras Baraka (earlier coverage here), this anecdote from PolitickerNJ is worthwhile. At a rally on the steps of Newark City Hall, Baraka went after Mayor Cory Booker, shouting “We don’t need people with six-figure salaries to come up with answers. We don’t need six figure-salaries in the City of Newark when the streets are not clean in the South Ward!” Continues PolitickerNJ,
Perhaps anticipating the hypocrisy charge boomeranging in light of his talk about salaries, Baraka addressed his position as principal of Central High School, a job he said he would keep if elected South Ward councilman.
"Being the principal of a school is the same as working in the community," Baraka said. "Being a principal is being a community activist."
Cheers sounded.
"They go hand in hand," he added.

"This is a movement, this is a movement," someone yelled.